Valkyrie Bobber

by George aka "Momz"
(Dearborn Hs., M,I USA)

This bike was lost in a Florida swamp for more than five years. When I got the bike (pile-o-parts), I traded some other Valkyrie parts that were collecting dust in my garage. It was a rusty frame, corroded wheels, a questionable motor, dented tank, and some wiring.

I had another set of wheels, so I had them powdercoated while I checked that the motor was free. I then did a compresion check and it seemed OK. Pulled off the front forks and had them rebuit while I removed gunk and rust from the frame and used "Rustoleum" to paint the frame.

I got on ebay and bought a bunch of used parts (I'm cheap) and asked other Valkyrie owners to donate other parts. I also made and modified parts for a lightened/lowered/bobbed bike.

The bike was such a rust bucket that I spent nearly $150.00 to sandblast parts. My bud and I created the exhaust from the OEM system and aircraft exhaust parts and painted it with barbeque paint. the rest of the bike was painted rattle can satin black. I cleaned the carbs (had to replace the slow jets and float needles). It took 10 months to complete,....Oh it started on the first try!

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Oct 14, 2015
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Oct 08, 2013
Parts NEW
by: James

Awesome work to take a rusted out ol bike out of a florida swamp and make it into this. Beautiful bike. Couple of quick questions..where did you get all the blackout pieces for the engine and did you re-work the fenders yourself or did you have thek done elsewhere? Again, excellent work on this bike.

Feb 20, 2013
Sweet similar to mine NEW
by: Bryan

Hey I'm over in windsor would live to have a closer look at this beast very similar to mine but I cut down cobra pipes and had them ceramic coated she sounds mean! Nice work! Hope to hear from ya have a few questions

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