Ferocious looking Honda Goldwing Streetfighter

It was inevitable someone would have the audacity to pare down a Honda Gold Wing to it's primal self. This streetfighter takes the cake. With its' Superbike exhaust can, old school fender, and abbreviated fairing, it's a bold build.

What's next? Another one anybody?

GoldWing Honda Streetfighter with Gatling gun exhaust. Brilliant!

It's a tour de fource literally. The tour comes from the Honda Gold Wing it used to be, and the force comes from the five-barrel Gatling gun exhaust cans.

Beautiful paintwork, shorty tail and sportbike seat screams heavy-duty streetfighter!

Honda CB750Four streetfighter/cafe racer.

Elements of both here with a massive swing-arm/wheel/tire combo and modern front end, superbike bars, rear-sets, Omars DTR solo seat and who knows what else improve this unit immensely.

Honda Goldwing black bobber/fighter

Who knew the Honda Goldwing lent itself so readily to conversion to monster streetfighter? This black bobber's been put on quite a diet. Shorty front fender, no back fender, and who knows what else has gone into this project.

More obvious changes include nifty up-swept pipes, sport-bike seat, tank and front brake set-up, what looks like a massive dual headlight and everything that could be black is black. I suspect there's a lot more going on here than is apparent to the eye but this sure is one mean streetfightin machine!

Beautiful streetfighter Honda Oldwing built by "Oldboy"

Here's a fellow I've been conversing with lately on the Cycle Canada forum website. He's brought this impressive Wing to all our attention.

Check out the modifications listed below and you'll see the effort that has gone into creating this slick beast. I'm becoming a big fan of cafe and streetfighter versions of the old Honda GoldWings!

This is the "before" picture and it just shows what a transformation the GL1000 has gone through. Oldboy has the knowledge and the tools to get to job done, clearly!

Mods are:

- 1975 GL1000 front & rear hubs, with 16 X 3 "Harvey Donaldson" rims

- GL1000 final drive to mate up with hub, mounted on the original 1100 swing arm. To do this you must graft in the left side of the 1000 swing arm. This allows you to mount the 1000 rear brake and use 1000 rear shocks. The neat thing is the 1000 final drive is a 3.40 ratio so you get a little more zip.

- Rear of the frame rails were lopped off, the muffler/rear peg mount was relocated up the frame rail

- Rear fender is the lower section from the Aspencade ... chromed

- Front fender is a CB900, reversed and replated

- Ebay turn signals and risers for the drag bars

- Custom made seat a knock off of the popular gunfighter seat by Corbin

- Paint is Lamborgini yellow, Mustang grabber orange & black

- All original hardware Zinc plated

- Carbs and motor were freshened up

- Everything was blasted and painted

- Progressive front springs and 20 weight fork oil

- Fork brace

- Fully detailed
The builder of this extraordinary GoldWing goes by the name of Oldboy and a more detailed account of his trials and tribulations can be found on the website, catering to all the early naked GoldWings!

Says Oldboy,

"I built this bike with the idea that this is something Honda could have built. With that in mind there are no modern technology pieces."

Too late for Honda, but not too late for Oldboy.