Kawasaki Z1R-old school streetfighter

Classic Kawasaki Streetfighters; Maybe the Kawasaki Z1R is the first accidental streetfighter. It's got the lines, the tough look, and the power (for it's age) to qualify right out of the box.

1973 Z1000 fighter

This tough looking 1973 Kawasaki KZ1000 streetfighter shows real craftsmanship! You gotta love the sturdy upside-down forks anodised gold, the modern swingarm (GSXR maybe?) and a bunch of other mods. Nice seat, fat wheels with good rubber, and a lot of careful detail work puts this fighter up there with the best.

KZ900 streetfight

Similiar bike as above, but this KZ900 streetfighter features a neat tubular braced swingarm with eccentric adjust, specialty engine plates and covers, massive front end with huge brakes etc., piggy-back shocks, the obligatory streetfighter headlights and more detail work not seen here. Love this unit!

Kawasaki H1Triple streetfighter

Just look at this legendary two stroker with all the right equipment. Single-sided swing arm on an early Kawi frame? NICE WORK!

Big modern front end, excellent pipes and a great paint job round out this unusual 2-stroke streetfighter.

Check out this fearsome KZ1300 heavywheight!

Another tasty Kawasaki KZ1000 with all the right moves

An enormous looking Kawasaki KZ1300 six-cylinder beast takes to the street. lot's of nice touches, including the bodywork and paint, oval muffler, minimalist headlight, piggy-back shocks. The list goes on.

The amazing KZ1000 Streetfighter below was for sale on American Classix website a while back for $10,000 Canadian. About $9,500 US these days.

Looks like a bargain to me. It's LOADED with exotic stuff. Check this list out;

The engine is basically stock with one size over on the rings and cleaned up valves and head 2 winters ago.

It has 28mm Mikuni Z1 carbs with K&N filters and a Dyna ignition with an oil cooler and braided steel lines.

The pipe is a modified copy of a Bassani Superbike pipe.

The frame has been braced, the head raked and unnecessary brackets removed.

The front end is a 2004 ZX10R fork with Ohlins internals.

The wheel, fender and brakes are a ZX10R components.

The swing arm is a JMC polished aluminum unit with bottom brace and eccentric adjusters.

The rear wheel is a ZX6R with ZX10R brake caliper and disc with Ohlins shocks.

Gauges are from Motogadget in Germany. Headlights are twin projector beam units.

Controls are ZX10R with CRG levers.

Bars are Renthal MX bars on a custom upper triple clamp Corbin Lady/Gunfighter seat