About me

I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1965 to the name of Patrick Williams. Still living here and going by the same name for consistencys' sake, I thought I’d briefly describe how Classic-Japanese-Bikes came to be.

I’d never in fact been too interested in motorbikes up until the age of about 20 when a buddy of mine, out of the blue, bought a custom-painted 1978 Kawasaki KZ650. Neither of us owned a car so we’d go everywhere on this rig together, until he shockingly mentioned one day that he was sick of doubling me around! What?

Paul, that being his name, was eager to get himself a faster scoot, so he bought a Kawasaki GPZ750, and suggested I snag his 650 for cheap even though I didn’t want to, being scared of the thing. So I did. And that was the beginning.

I took a safety course so as not to die, or incur the wrath of my Mom, and was off to the races.

After a couple of years on the Kawi 650 with a few miles and loads of youthful fun under my belt, I ran into a fellow by the name of Bob, an ex pro-racer and man of many bikes and many more tales!

Through Bob’s generosity I got to ride many modern rigs such as the Hayabusa, Yamaha R1, GSXR 1100,Honda CBX1000 and others and learn a great deal about the world of racing, and bikes in general.

I was by then interested in a faster bike and caught wind of an ex-dragraced 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000.The very first bike pictured on this site’s homepage. After riding it for about 200 miles, I realized it was probably not a good idea to buy a bike that had been vigorously drag-raced, then stored away. The blue smoke coming out the pipes indicated another eight hundred bucks would soon be added to the purchase price, according to my mechanic. So thirteen hundred bucks later I was back on the road.

After 11 years of proudly pounding this boomer around I bought a Yamaha XS650 with the intent of just converting the ugly Special to a cafe bike. But once done, and having taken it for a test spin, I was hooked. The dinumtive size of it, the light weight and the torquey motor convinced me it was time for the Kawi to find new pastures. So now this is my ride. For the time being!

Actually, it's quite different now. Silver on black paint, two into one pipe, cafe seat on the same tailpiece. But you get the picture.