The legend of cb 77 superhawk

by neezar
(jakarta , indonesia)

super hawk rebuild1

super hawk rebuild1

super hawk rebuild1
super hawk rebuild2
super hawk rebuild3
super hawk rebuild4

that is my motocycle idols..

The Super Hawk CB77 was a 305 cc (18.6 cu in) twin-cylinder Honda motorcycle produced from 1961 until 1967. Honda also produced a 247 cc (15.1 cu in) version called the CB72 Dream Sport, while various advertisements referred to the 305 cc CB77 as the Dream Super Sport. The CB77 is also known as the Honda Super Hawk, or Honda305. It is remembered today as a landmark model in Honda's advances in Western motorcycle markets of the 1960s.

and now i make ( rebuildt) modern cb 77 superhawk sport honda gl160 2003

Neezar, you got TALENT! It's so unusual. What a seat and exhaust can! I'd love to take those wheels around the neighborhood and enjoy all the attention this Super Hawk would get. Super!

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