Ivan´s GT750CaféRacer Build "Part 2" ...

by Ivan Benda
(Brno, Czech republic)

My GT ´s first appearance

My GT ´s first appearance

My GT ´s first appearance
With my T350 at TT-like czech circuits of late 70´s...
RG500 mad czech pensioner ...
2008 : Trying with my son RG1986 engine´s sound ...

Being rather a PC / web newcomer I wrote my story and enclosed the photo of my T350R/1972.

I raced in Proddy trim here in CZ in 1977 - 1980.
Trying then to add the next photos (of my GT750), I did not managed the procedure mentioned
Hope I will succeed now, not to be taken for a fool by people visiting these sites...

Worked perfectly Ivan. Thanks for the reply.

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