GT750A CaféRacer Rebuid 1986 - 1995

by Ivan Benda
(Brno,Czech republic)

My "dreamed only about only in commie-era" GT750 came here in 1984 from Manchester as a gift

from my friend David Greenhalgh, my colleague of SOC GB, to take a part at International bikers rally held to celebrate 80th Anniversary of FIM foundation (now French say it´s been founded in Paris, so no more FIM anniversaries held in czech small town Pacov!).

Being in quite obsolete standard trim, first I have enjoyed to ride very first registered GT750 in socialist Czechoslovakia and started my own project of renovation + rebuild into CaféRacer,
I always dreamed about.

My imagination and desire to make anything perfect brought me many years lasting works,which
I would never accomplished without friendly material help from my British SOC friends and physical and financial help from both of my sons ...

Well, in May 1996 I took my GT750 to her first appearance at SOC Czech Centre Annual Rally ,
being "updated" a bit in following years by getting Akront alloy rims with 100/90 - 18
and 120/90 - 18 tyres fitted, plus genuine sidepanel emblems.

Got crazy and imported privately an RG500Gamma from Germany in March 2008,so I am pushed to sell
my beloved "granny" GT750 now, as my HP from bank is making my retirement financies very very tight.

First I thought it would be an easy and immediate sell, not to take the HP. Still I am a
proud (but POOR) owner of GT750 still.
So take this as an advertisement to the sell abroad as it is "out of my capabilities" I think.

Anyway, you have to admit she is realy nice.

Friendly yours,
Ivan"SUZUKI-stroker" Benda, of Brno,CZ.

Indeed she's a nice looker Ivan! Any more pics you can send?

If anyone is interested in Ivans GT750, drop him a line at the e-mail address above!

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