CB 125 Cafe

by Berre Bien
(Leuven, Belgium)



Added some grey
Works out well
A far past

I bought this CB 125 from a guy who needed some money to travel to China (starting in Belgium) with his Vespa.

Check out his site: www.naarchinametdevespa.blogspot.com.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it's not understandable as it's in Flemish. Hint:"use the copy paste function..." it means "towards China with my Vespa".

Ok this 125 had been "overhauled" by his cousin, and this future Chip Foose sprayed it blue. I mean blue as in: "everything has to be blue", mirrors, wheels, seat, frame, suspension, exhaust, odometer a.s.o.

The guy really did a good job. He didn't miss a spot. So "Chip" created a lot of extra work for me including buying lots of synthetic thinner, acetone and lots of other (highly toxic) chemicals, including sand paper by the ton.

In the end,though, it turned out to be a blue and grey beauty after many, many hours of repairing and cleaning/ grinding and building.

grts Berre

Holy shit Berre! That's a GREAT lookin cafe! Really really nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Jun 23, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Jayden Balistreri

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I also have a gun safes blog and want to publish one of your article on it if it's possible?

I will link at you after publishing! Thanks for answering!

Jan 16, 2013
very nice NEW
by: Dave

wow, what was that guy thinking? I guess he really likes blue! Very nice work getting everything back to "not-blue", the bike looks great, and it must be a blast riding around town

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