1981 Kawasaki KZ-550 A2

by Mark K
(Palmdale, CA)

1981 Kawasaki KZ550 A2 – Picked it up from a tow yard at a lean sale … won’t tell you what I paid but all I did was to throw 2 new tires, a battery, clean out the fuel bowls and POOF it started right up! Allowed me to take it for a run through the neighborhood. Shortly after that I started some work on it ….. It had a total of 16,800 miles on it. The back story is that the original owner took it out of his garage after being parked there for years and put it on the street our side his house, the local sheriff department came by and put a ticket on it as it was not registered and had not been for some time. He had a piece of paper taped to the side of the take that read - $900.00 for sale cheap! Well after a week the sheriff’s department came by again and put a second ticket on it … a few days later it was towed to impound lot. I went by to say hi to my nephew who not only worked there at the time but also was the co-owner. I took one look and said “I WANT THAT, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FOR IT AND THEN I CAN PICK IT UP!” A couple of weeks later it was mine.

Here is just a list of some of the thing that was done/gotten for the project:
•New Battery
•New Tires (well about 1000 miles on the now)
•New steering head bearing set
•New Sparkplugs and Air filter
•New brakes (pads and shoes – drum)
•New Speedometer cable and Clutch cable
•New bearings both front rim and rear rims
•Showa Shocks (also have the original shocks that came with the bike)
•Speedometer sending unit (on front rim)
•Powder coated Rims (Gold) see pictures
•Aftermarket exhaust pipe and have the original 4-into 2 chrome factory pipes – (eBay purchase)
•NGK after-market sparkplug wires
Included but not installed:
•Custom-Made Steel braided front line (not installed)
•Original Factory Manual (ordered from Australia) also have several original mtorcycle magazines from the 80’s with the articles on the KZ550
•4 – K&N Type Pods included

C'mon Mark! What did you pay??? Would love to see some side pics too.

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