1978 Kawazaki KZ650

by Chris Vasquez
(Los Angeles, CA)

'78 KZ650

'78 KZ650

Hey fellows !

It's a pleasure and honor to share my story and motorcycle with you guys. I originally purchased my first and only bike, a '78 KZ650 back in 2005 for under $1800. It was all ready in good shape and a reliable ride but I could not help give it a few touches of my own.
I swapped the handle bar and opted for a more Cafe Racer style. The ignition system (coil and wire set) and air filters (4 K&N's) keep it firing just right, day or night, hot or cold. A fresh midnight blue paint job and a more flushed look by shortening the turn signal assemblies, all done at home. Without speedometer or tachometer after a minor fender bender. Most importantly has been the routine maintenance and upkeep, so as to keep this daily ride safe and strong.
My experience has been that even with a very limited budget anyone can enjoy a clean, modest and headturning motorcycle of their own. My KZ is my first and only bike but I am sure not my last.
Thanks for the great work and all the info and pics on the website !
See you guys on the road.
Peace !

Bloody nice, slick lookin KZ Chris! I still regret letting my '78 go.

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