1975 Honda CB 750 Cafe

by Anthony Rodriguez

This girl has been around for about 6 years. First underwent the cafe knife by my friend Ben whom did the tank, frame, pan, oil tank, Raask Rearsets, custom built exhaust, gators and paint. When he got bored with it, I took over. At that time, we liked the look, but it had a sloped rear from 13" shocks at the rear and had a birds nest of wiring. I went ahead and tackled rebuilding the suspension(14.25 hagon rear, progressive front), brake master cylinder, wiring spool, stator, electronic ignition, white ceramic coat on headers, intake and jetting. The engine had always been solid but recently I did the valve adjustment and replaced the clutch plates. She gets looks everywhere she goes. Her name is "Hickey," named thusly after a scratch she picked up on the rear fairing when my buddy took her into a ditch....which may have also led to his boredom with her. Her days now are spent rolling under the Texas sun.

Anthony, that's a sweet cafe man! Me thinks we need more pics. I would love to see a close-up of those pipes and the paint job. Cheers!

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